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40 things to celebrate!

Whilst lots of you are being reflective over the new year and the new possibilities - I will shortly be having a 'big' birthday. Yes this January, I'm turning 40!!!

It's not too scary - I think that's because I have planned a themed birthday party to celebrate with family and friends so I've been quite distracted about that, rather than the actual physical number. I have decided to have a 1990's themed party. Whilst I was born in 1979, I have no recollection of the seventies (obviously, as I was just a baby) and not that much more of the 80's. I became 10 in 1990 and this is the decade where I transitioned from child to young adult. It seemed fitting to revisit the 1990s as I prepare to enter the season of middle age and all that the 40s have to offer!

So rather than recap my life, or look upon the number as turning old - I've decided to focus on 40 things I can celebrate right now and how turning 40 is an achievement to behold, not hide away from or dread!

40 things to celebrate!

  1. I have made it to 40 years old!

  2. I found Jesus!

  3. I passed my driving test (first time on theory but 3 times to do the practical)

  4. I passed all my GCSEs

  5. I started part time work at age 14

  6. I self funded my driving lessons and tests

  7. I graduated university!

  8. I held down 3 jobs to save to go to university

  9. I worked in buying for the fashion industry

  10. I moved out of the family home as a teenager

  11. I'm married!

  12. I got married in a castle!

  13. I lived by the sea

  14. I have been with my husband since 1995

  15. I was engaged at 17

  16. I'm a mother!

  17. I'm an aunt!

  18. I have relocated to a different area in the UK

  19. I have renovated a house

  20. I have owned (well mortgaged) several properties with my husband

  21. I have travelled abroad, mainly Europe and Asia

  22. I have been on TV

  23. I'm a carer to my autistic children

  24. I have performed on stage - acting, dancing and singing

  25. I have lead and sung worship in church

  26. I have had some amazing friendships!!!

  27. I have survived trauma

  28. I have learned to put the past behind me

  29. I have been to concerts

  30. I have been to musicals

  31. I have seen my favourite comedian live

  32. I have para-glided

  33. I have danced in dodgy and not so dodgy clubs/parties

  34. I have volunteered for a local charity

  35. I have a great body that's seen me through so much!

  36. I have challenged the authorities/government

  37. I home educate one of my autistic children

  38. I have survived lots of accidents, broken bones etc

  39. I have learned from my mistakes and continue to do so

  40. I have learned to like who I am!!

How have you celebrated your big birthdays?

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