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There are so many different ways to capture your testimony, not everyone reads or responds well to the written message so I think its good to explore lots of different ways to communicate your testimony because each of us is so different and unique.

As a christian we are called to be able to give an account for our reason for believing in God. There isn't always time for a long drawn out conversation, explainations.. Sometimes its not the right place to direct someone to a blog post but thankfully there are many different ways to share. I want to encourage you to try out different ways

I really enjoy art and being creative. It is my God-given natural ability. I studied art and then fashion at college/uni. It was the industry I worked in. I really enjoy looking at works of art, of colours, shapes and especially textile/mixed media art. Using drawing/art to describe salvation can seem a bit daunting to start - so start small here is a sketch of my testimony. The light (Gods love) penetrating the darkness. Charcoal sketch.

Candy my cat keeping me company :)

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