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Back to the routine...

This week has been labelling uniforms, checking kit lists, haircuts (or trying to attempt to), checking the route and getting prepped for the big return. Yes this is the week the kids go back to school. I have one returning on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Home ed, will start the week after. We have 2 with completely new schools!

I may sound super organised but I have realised the shin pads don't fit and apparently he 'needs' white trainer socks for PE. Why white socks? they are going to become filthy very quickly I may as well buy laundry grey/sandy coloured ones as I imagine when my son is out there playing sports, he/they will not return home clean/white - maybe I'm wrong? we will see... I guess they will go in my soak bucket in an attempt to keep them clean.

I have however washed ironed and labelled all new uniform. I get the sticker labels from Amazon which makes the job really easy. I quite like this part of the process. I'm not too keen on paying for it though - really logo school trousers? the logo is so tiny on otherwise a normal pair of black trousers but i will obey the system (for now) as that's what I agreed to upon sending him there and I don't want my child to stand out for the wrong reasons. On the surface, logo uniform may not seem that expensive but I won't be washing it every single day so he will need more than one top/jumper/trousers etc along with sports kit and equipment. The uniform can only be bought in one place too. There is the option to buy second hand. I dislike the no shorter than grade 3 for boys hair - what workplace has that rule? Anyway school uniforms are expensive and crazy hair cut rules I guess are a part of learning to conform to school rules - I am thankful my children get to have an education, other places/times of the world do not.

This is the first time (third child) will be attending mainstream secondary school and I'm nervous. Nervous because of my own experiences, bullying, growing up and wondering what the education system will do to my already quite perfectionist child. I have thought about home educating him too but wanted him to experience the opportunities that mainstream can offer. I know that its there as a safety. This is part of me learning to let go too, this is a good time to learn from your mistakes and start to take on responsibilities. My child is actually really looking forward to it - a new adventure awaits!

The old routine will change, well it will need to adapt, as we are moving into a new stage. 4 kids in 4 different education settings. New start times, walking to school as closer and I will need to be organised with all the different days/functions etc. I'm sure we will have teething pains to begin with. We have had a relaxing summer and pretty much let the boys do their own agenda. This has meant a lot more screen time but a relaxed household. We have been on holiday, out and about, doing chores, on walks etc but also just chilled as this season to come will be a busy one. My eldest is in his final year and soon to turn 16! I'm certainly feeling wobbly with all these changes and a bit reflective but I'm sure once return/start, I'll be too busy to sit and think about it - Ill be living it out - which is much better than my overactive imagination.

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