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Bible Colour Coding

So as you maybe aware from my last post I have bought a new bible journal. I love things that are organised and my last bibles have been highlighted and written on with whatever I had to hand. This time I am starting with the hope of colour coding basically meaning highlighting certain sections in a particular colour so that reference is nice and easy. It also looks pretty! I've no idea if I'll keep it up for the whole of the bible but figure I would give it a try.

If you have ever thought I know I'll look on Pinterest for a good coding system, then like me you may have become a bit overwhelmed. There are so many options and there is no right or wrong way. It really is about you and your time with God through His word. I looked through the graphic pins and decided I would tailor my bible coding to how I currently read Gods word and what I would like to reference for both current and future. This is what I chose:

I wanted a simple coding system and used popular colours that come in a highlighter pack or a set of coloured pencils. This way I don't have to worry about running out or finding a colour.

  • God, Jesus and Holy Spirit (purple) I chose purple to denote royalty. I will highlight speech, names, prophesies and character verses.

  • The promises of God, (yellow) I chose yellow so that it would stand out brightly. I need the promises of God to rely on to help my faith. I want to spot them easily.

  • Wisdom and Instructions (blue) I chose blue because when i think of wisdom I think of blue. This is will highlight christian living.

  • Warnings (red) obviously to denote danger. I will use this to highlight sin, Satan and evil.

  • Womanhood (pink) I like the colour pink and as these verses will highlight my role and purpose, I'm choosing a colour I like. It may seem stereotypical but its my bible to journal in and I like it!

  • Verses to meditate on (orange) no particular reason for this colour other than it's usually in the pack and I wanted to highlight verses that stand out to me or to encourage.

  • Prayers (green) there are some amazing prayers and examples of prayer in the bible. I want to be able to find them easily and learn from then.

I hope this encourages you to set up your own colour code system or to start your own. Which just leaves the question, how do you do yours?

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