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How it happened?

Updated: May 24, 2018

When my children were younger I wrote a blog capturing our adventures together. I also wrote out my testimony of how I became a Christian. Please feel free to follow this link and read how it happened.

I no longer write on this blog. I enjoyed writing it at the time but life became busier, I became ill and as my children grew – their stories are not mine to tell and I want to respect their privacy. I wanted to keep a record of our stories together, how I felt and what we did. Its certainly not a regret. I now do storybook photo albums of each year, our family highlights, which we keep at home. I do value our memories, experiences and looking back over the photos, I can remember how I felt. I've been on many an adventure and challenge with my children and autism has certainly taken over a massive chunk of our lives but its not the centre, Jesus is, so I wanted to start a new blog capturing that. There will be stories of how God works in our lives but now I have teens, I imagine photo's will be less :)

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