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How to beat post holiday blues...

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How to beat post holiday blues

We booked our holiday a year ago, and its now all over. We had a week in Scotland, a few days in Warwick, a theatre trip to the west end (London) and a few days resting at home. Those 2 weeks passed quickly. It was a great time but now back to the reality of entertaining children whilst keeping house, as the hubby returns to work.

The first day I woke with enthusiasm to get things done, day 2 not so much enthusiasm and so on... Its not that I dislike my life, I just really enjoyed being care free and together. So I've become a woman with a plan, to beat these blues!

1. Writing about our holiday was a great way to remember all the fun we had. Documenting what had happened and sharing it with others whilst it was all still fresh. Looking through the snaps made me appreciate how worth all the saving had been, the long travel to get there and actually how rested I now feel because of the new adventure and change from the norm we had all experienced. It gave me a sense of closure.

2. I have recently started doing photo memory frame of our holidays which I decorate our hallway with. I love that when I travel down the stairs I am reminded about what we've done and do as a family. So, I ordered our Scotland holiday snaps online and have started to plan what this years memory photo frame will look like.

2 white frames containing country name, photographs and souvenirs from the holiday.
Holiday memory frames

3. We can't afford to holiday all the time, neither can my husband have several paid weeks off work throughout the year but that doesn't mean we can't have events to look forward to, other than an annual holiday. This year we have planned events for every 2 months - 1 month to enjoy the experience we've just had and the following month, we can look forward to the something new coming... These do not have to be budget busting but something that you would look forward to doing. September is our wedding anniversary, so am looking forward to investing in some time together. My husband has the day off work and we plan just to be together and hopefully go out to lunch together whilst the children are at school.

4. My husband has returned to work, but I do not work in a paid job. The children are still on their summer break so I need some projects to get stuck into. We have been clearing and organising through the house, ready to do a car boot sale this weekend. Its not necessarily the most fun project but its kept us busy, it feels good to cleanse ourselves of the clutter and make a little money. It also helps me to forward plan for upcoming birthdays and Christmas. I can see what is no longer played with/wanted/over used and needs replacing. We have also been going through our finances to make sure we are getting the best deals/cutting back where we no longer use things. The projects have been getting back us into order as I know that once the holidays are over, time will be sparse to complete these jobs. I am also reminding myself, whilst it does take effort to look after and clean the house, do the laundry, attend the garden, the animals etc I am so blessed to have all these things. Everything requires maintenance and I want to be a good steward of the things I have prayed and asked for, or the things I have been trusted with. Viewing the mundane jobs, as both my earthly responsibility and spiritual blessings can show me beauty in the ordinary of tasks and give me motivation to keep pressing on.

5. Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays with my children. I am relishing that I'm not doing school runs with the schooled children or planning for my home educated child. I am enjoying that I have more time to play games and go places with them. I'm enjoying that the rotas and clubs are finished. I need to remember that this is a good time rest for both myself and the children because the busy season is about to come. Colleges & secondary school open evenings, 3 birthdays to plan and buy for in our immediate family, fireworks, school residential and Christmas is all waiting in the next term...

So in summary...

1. Recount the good times you've just had

2. Conserve the memories

3. Plan something to look forward to soon

4. Get stuck back in to work/project with thankfulness

5. Enjoy the season your in

Let me know your tips for beating any post holiday blues.

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