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Lockdown Birthday

My youngest turned 10 yesterday - double digits! It feels so strange, I feel older. I think that's because i'm moving away from middle aged children to older children, teens and young adults. It's strange how a birthday can create such feelings, its a milestone.

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I didn't set out to have 4 children specifically but ever since i was young child I always wanted a large family and pictured myself having at least 3 children. They are currently aged 16, 14, 12 and 10. So I have been in the young and middle children bracket for quite a while, but now the youngest has hit double digits - I feel I have to move on!

They are all at home during lock down, being home educated. My eldest will start college in September, my 2nd eldest will start at a technical collage too - he has been home educated for 3 years and is now moving to a setting, to take his exams and focus on computing, which is his passion. Child 3 will be entering year 8 of secondary and child 4 will enter his last year of primary in September. The lock down has just emphasised the waiting. I'm nervous because the big changes are happening for my autistic children. So far in life, big changes have not been smooth or straightforward, when it comes to change and autism. I feel like I'm waiting for the storm... I'm worried for them about this next phase in life because every phase has been hard and met with battles. When you have children with disabilities there always seems to be a battle to get them the right help/support. It takes a toll physically and emotionally. I think this is why it feels harder for me to accept new seasons.

I love celebrating a summer birthday - my youngest is the only summer birthday in our family. I love having parties in the garden but this year was different. I love doing themes, planning, creating party foods and invites. We've not been able to do that and I've felt a bit deflated. It's also not as easy to get what you want from the shops.

My boy loves Pokemon, gaming, watching YouTube and VAT19! He wanted a DS Pokemon game, magnetic putty, Pokemon cards and sweets. We did manage to get his presents but sadly one of them is broken, so will need returning and exchanging. We went out and got him some balloons, as he loves a game of keepy uppy with them, to decorate along with some banners and tableware. He chose the menu for the day and our Costco membership came in handy for a continental breakfast and the large hotdogs/rolls. I made a Pokemon cake which looked horrendous! but it was made with love. Sadly no party but family members could visit with social distancing. He has money to spend, but he tends to save it all which isn't a bad thing. We did our best to make the day special and he was happy.

Have you or a family member had a lock down birthday? How have you celebrated it?

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