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My Enneagram - what's yours?

So I kept seeing the word Enneagram popping up on social media and wondered what on earth is that? It's the latest personality test. There are free versions online and basically it tells you what kind of person you are, your strengths and weaknesses. There are paid tests which give thorough detail on your results.

I quite like doing personality tests - its like a self assessment so I know what my weaknesses and strengths are. It helps you to understand who you are and what to do to help yourself in weaker areas or where you would be better suited for tasks and serving. Personally I wouldn't use it to define who I was, because I feel that is a different subject altogether. If you want to know how I define myself - I am a child of God!

The Test

The test is really simple, it's a list of questions asking you which way you are more inclined. Don't answer what you think you the answer should be or how you'd like to be, as the results will not be correct. Be honest with yourself.

Once you have completed the test, which is a quick process. It will explain your type in a brief summary. If you wished you could take it further by reading up more on your type and finding how you work with other types.

The Types

With this test, you will be one of 9 types, although you can have traits of other types. If you have a strong characteristic of a type adjacent to your type this is called a wing. For example you are type 5, the adjacent type is 4 or 6 if you have strong characteristics from these types that would be your wing. Sounds confusing but it would like Type 5w4 - The investigator with the individualist. You can be balanced and not have a wing.

  1. Reformer

  2. Helper

  3. Achiever

  4. Individualist

  5. Investigator

  6. Loyalist

  7. Enthusiast

  8. Challenger

  9. Peacemaker

Then there is the instinctual variant which is one of 3 types - self (meaning better at dealing with oneself) sexual (better with close relationships) and social (better with large groups).

My Results

I have to say I found the test results really accurate. I am 7 - the enthusiast followed by 3 - the achiever. I am a sexual variant, which sounds weird but once I read what it meant, I felt much better - I do connect better in close relationships than large groups and do not work well on my own, which is what it means - not a weird sex thing. My weaknesses are that I lose focus and tend to want to keep my options open, can get into addictive habits and prone to anxiety/depression which I would say is accurate for me too.

Previously, I have done the Myers-Briggs personality tests and I come out as an ENJF - which stands for extrovert, intuition, judging and feeling. Those are my main personality traits. I have to add that I am a quiet extrovert - I need to have people around me but that doesn't mean I'm life and soul of a room or want all the attention, it's how I re-fuel.

When I was younger I did do the quizzes in teen magazines to find out about me, a friend or a boy. I think I just like learning how people work (mind not biologically) and so I guess this is where my interest comes from. I'm interested in people.

Now What?

Understanding what your weaknesses are, is really helpful. Knowing I'm someone who can be prone to addiction, this is an area in my life I need to be vigilant. I need to exercise self control over the things I enjoy, perhaps more so than someone else. Knowing I can get my self worth from how others feel about me, is really useful because this is a trap I have previously fallen into, a lie that has unfortunately become as familiar as an old pair of slippers and it's a route to depression - being on the look out and making sure I know my self worth does not come from other people but from God is something I need to keep at the top of my agenda.

Understanding how you work, means I can then know how I will be happier and how I will function better. Rather than have a large group of friends, I am better having a small group of friends that I can trust. I am better working as part of a team. I have lots of ideas but my enthusiasm for the next project means I don't always see things through. So I need to learn to delegate or pick ideas where I can see the end.

So what's your personality type?

Type in enneagram test free into google and you can find out your personality type too.

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