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My Provider - Gaming

God has always provided for us in times of need/desire. I posted previously about how God provided for us to go to a christian camp (New Frontiers Westpoint) along with the tent and the camping essentials.

I thought I would share another time God provided, to encourage you. My husband grappled with becoming a Christian and one of the reasons (at that time) was due to a lifestyle habit. We had an xbox360 with downloaded games on (for free), he also had a collection of downloaded films/shows/music which is called piracy. At that time, lots of people around us were doing it and it felt normal. He felt convicted regarding this lifestyle and committing to being a christian. Others may think that this is not a big deal but to him it was, it was wrong. My husband chose to become a christian (Yay!) and he chose to get rid of the xbox360 and his collections. It was a hard choice as he likes to game and watch films. He chose to do it - this was not about him following rules etc but felt this is what God asked of him. It wasn't the price for salvation, for Jesus paid this, but a personal choice and commitment he made to God.

Later that month, my husband completed some work that his boss was really pleased with and he was given a Nintendo Wii gaming console, as a thank you. It was completely unexpected - nothing like this had ever happened before and we accepted it as a gift from God. (Please note at the time, this was the latest games console). This console gave us a lot of pleasure as a family and it allowed my husband to continue to share gaming with our sons.

Time moved on, along with the gaming console and the new xbox one came out. We looked at it and wanted it but couldn't justify spending that amount of money on a gaming console when we had one at home. However, God chose to bless us again - my husband was gifted an xbox one as a Christmas present for all his hard work and going above and beyond what was asked, from a colleague. Thank you God for your provision for fun!

We chose to donate the Wii to the boys school, which is used as a lunchtime club/treat incentive - we passed the pleasure on and we still enjoy gaming, as a family, on the xbox one today. We are thankful to God, He knows us - He knows what brings us pleasure and whilst it may seem frivolous compared to needs, He also wants us to enjoy our lives and to bless us with pleasure and happiness. Others may look upon gaming as not a worthwhile activity and enjoy other pursuits but this is about God knowing what we enjoy - God knows us and He provided.

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