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My weekday early morning routine!

How does your house run in the mornings? I often wonder how everyone starts their day and what they fit in before they go to work/school etc so today I thought I'd share mine with you. My children are all at school age (15 - 8 years old).

6.45 alarm goes off - I will get up at this time if I washed my hair the night before, if not I will snooze till 7. I wash my hair typically every 1-2 days and during the week I prefer to wash it the night before, dry it and straighten it in the morning.

7am - I use the intercom to wake up the children, then straight to the bathroom to wash, skincare routine and brush my teeth. My eldest child is normally awake at around 6am as he likes to wake slowly, unhurried when the house is quiet.

7.10 I listen to my daily bible reading plan whilst getting dressed/hair/makeup. The younger boys are normally up getting ready now. They shower/bath in the evenings.

7.20 open bedroom windows to let the air in and check on my younger boys (plus open their window) Its winter as I write this, so windows and curtains are closed at night. Check that eldest son is ready and that my home ed son is up.

7.35 taxi arrives for my son, quick chat to his escort whilst eldest faffs (if i chase him too much he will refuse to leave, everything has to be done in a certain way including how I open the door)

7.40 eldest is off in his taxi and now its breakfast time for me and the younger boys. The home ed son looks after the animals (feeds them) to earn his pocket money so I check that he has done this and that he is getting ready. He gets easily distracted.

8am breakfast is finished and the younger boys often chill (I make sure all their stuff is ready the night before) I will check on their bedrooms to make sure beds are made and dirty clothes are in the wash. During this time I will clean the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, as everyone has now finished using them. I will also put on the laundry.

8.15 leave to take the younger boys to school and check my home ed child is ready and will have finished all his jobs etc by the time I get back. We pray together and for the family in the car on the way to school. The school is 3 miles away so we drive.

8.45 return from school run drop off, ask my home ed child to get out his diary and books so he is ready to start his day. I will have a cup of coffee and sit down, normally flicking through social media.

9am Home ed starts! I will fit in house work, errands etc in between lessons throughout the day.

This is my typical weekday morning. I am trying to let the boys be independent in their self care but I do little reminders ie teeth brushed, deodorant on? If I rush my eldest child, who has autism, we will end up with a very stress filled morning so we try and keep everything relaxed. The older boys use the downstairs bathroom, which is why my home ed son gets ready later. Once my eldest has finished, he gets ready that way they can give each other space and not clash. Sometimes life does not go to plan and sometimes if our autistic children are struggling with anxiety etc, there may not be much sleep the night before, so the routine will change.

We do have a rule that no games are played in the morning. We do not have 'normal' TV only Netflix, YouTube and iplayer so if they want to watch a programme in the morning during their chill time, the rule is - it will be turned off straight away when it is time to leave. They understand and follow the rule - otherwise they know they will loose the privilege of watching a programme in the morning.

I do have a husband too but he does not have a set routine. Sometimes he works from home, in one of the offices or is out of the country, which means he is not consistently around. Therefore our routines are worked with him not being here. He would help but his schedule is erratic and the boys need routine.

We used to do a family devotion together at breakfast time, when they were younger but now they get up and have to be out at different times it doesn't work out. The boys do have devotion books that they can read, they also have bibles and bible apps too. This allows them to do this, in their time.

So that's our weekday morning routine!

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