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No one knows what I'm going through...

There have been times in my life when I have felt extremely alone both before I became a Christian and after.

Yes God has met my friendship needs but there have still been times when I can be surrounded by people and feel alone. I have depression which can twist my thinking or make me over-think. The biggest lie the enermy (Satan) whispers is that you're alone.. It can be presented as no one else has this problem, whats wrong with you? you deserve this, you can't possibly tell anyone that, what would they think, obviously no one likes you... These words can alter your thinking and make you withdraw from others, isolating yourself. These words can touch your inner most insecurities and stop you from fulfilling the purposes God has for you. The enemy wants to take you out of church community, away from the encouragement of others and away from God. Society can look at the devil or bad/naughty as being fun but satan wants you to suffer, to use your circumstances to torture you rather than for good, as God intends.

I have been through some horrible times and satan has used these lies to try and break me, to loose my faith and they were tempting. Through these times God has been with me and has helped me through them. Sometimes, there have been quick wins and others have taken years to work through. Everyone will face a different circumstance or problem unique to thier own insecurities, which may appear greater or smaller to others - that is not the point, the point is the enemy uses what he can to tear you away from others, to bring you down. Here are some promises from God that I depend on when I feel low;

He gives strength to the weary and power to the weak: Isaish 40:29

You intended to harm me but God intended it for good: Genesis 50:20

Nothing can ever seperate us from Gods love: Romans 8:38

I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength: Phil 4:13

For God loved the world so much, He gave his one and only Son: John 3:16

I use these verses to remind myself of how good God is, how much he loves me and how he helps and provides for me. I remember what he has done so far, how these verses carried me before, how God never lets me down and I can depend on him. Each christian will have different verses but then again they will face different trials.

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