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Our world..

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I have been feeling more and more convicted and inspired in how I impact our environment. It's a hot topic - do you believe its real? do you think its scaremongering concocted by environmentalists and scientists fulfilling their own agendas? Is this what God calls us to care about? What we think matters, it affects our behaviour and actions.

A child lovingly embracing a globe
Our World

I do believe that God has called us all to look after our planet, His creation. When we read through the account of creation in Genesis (Gen 1), how God gave us his creation to reign over and tend to it. In Colossians, we learn how Christ holds all creation together (Col1:17) The importance of creation is in both the old and new testament. God calls His creation 'very good' He is pleased with what He has made. We are made in God's likeness and image, He cared and loved His creation and so I believe, Christians should also care and love creation too - our world. The world was not made for us, it was made by and for God. Reflecting the image of God, we should care and look after our world. It is a calling for all Christians.

The knowledge we now have has increased and in the past we (humans) have not known the cost/impact of our progress on this world. Now we know, we can make a difference. We may not work in big international corporate companies but we can make smaller decisions and choices that impact our planet. We can see this as an act of worship

This blog post has been inspired by a sermon given at my church. Please click here if you wish to listen and click on 'save souls or save seals'

How can I worship God and help look after his creation?

Each month I am choosing to swap to more eco friendly, zero waste products. Small steps, small choices to help look after our planet. This maybe for you, or maybe God has other plans - the only way to know is to ask him - pray - ask God what steps you can make, ask Him to give you a heart for creation, to grow in His likeness and then act upon it.

January swaps:

I am using up the last of my cling film and switching to beeswax wraps. I have discovered an eco re-useable shop near to where I live and I purchased a set. £12.50 for 3 - it's a lot more expensive than a roll of cling film but the cost to the planet, is what I'm focusing on. Perhaps I could make my own or find a cheaper place, but for now, this is how I've started.

I really like the designs and they are great for wrapping sandwiches, half used vegetables and blocks of cheese. They are easy to rinse off and keep clean. I'm reluctant to use them in the microwave so instead purchased a plastic pot with lid to heat soups etc. I know plastic, but it's re-usable and I'm sure I'll learn more about eco swaps as I continue in this journey.

At home, we already have recycle bins and compost bins so I will continue to do this. Our recycle bin is larger than our house waster bin to encourage us to recycle more too. We contacted the council and they sent us a larger recycle bin, which took about a week. We have been looking more closely at packaging to determine what can/can't be recycled. It has opened my eyes to how much plastic packaging there is in everything!

I have also joined some zero waste Facebook groups to help me learn and gain from other's experience.

Deciding to think about this more, for it to become an act of worship rather than a chore has opened my eyes to how much plastic and waste I consume, as well as the planet.

Have you made any eco changes/swaps this month? How is God challenging you with looking after His creation?

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