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Our World May/June

You may have been following this series or this may be your first time reading Our World. Basically each month I look what I can do to help our planet and environment. I feel it is really important as a christian to look after what God has given us, our world. Each month I try out or swap over a new product.

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Our World

It's fair to say this year has not gone to plan and we're all living in a different/difficult time to normal however, I still want to make changes.

I have found a toilet cleaner that also beats limescale - yay! It is the Ecozone 3 in 1 toilet cleaner. I would normally pay around £1 for a toilet cleaner but the eco version costs between £2-3 depending on where you get it. I guess the more people buy eco friendly products, the more will be produced, lowering costs, but until then I will have to pay a bit more knowing I am impacting the environment less. It smells good and does everything I want it too. It's still in a plastic bottle, however its made from recyclable materials and could be recycled again depending on your local refuge company.

I have also bought white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in bulk. These make great cleaning products and are natural cleaners. The vinegar does whiff a bit but it soon fades. I bought large quantities to save on packaging and I know that when our local refill shop opens i can get them re-filled there. You could also add essential oils to change the smell, if desired. I love following Lynsey Queen of Clean stories on instagram and she has loads of ideas on how to make natural cleaning products for your home using bicarb, vinegar and lemons. This week I learned that tea bags can be used to get rid of very dirty pans! Please check her out here for some ideas. I also have her books - I'm a fan girl!

I have also tried shampoo bars but so far nothing has suited my hair type. I have sensitive skin and dry hair. There are loads available online and through small craft businesses too but so far nothing has been right for me so i've gone back to bottles whilst my scalp returns to normal. If you have any suggestions - please let me know (i'm not a fan of lush products due to the smell).

Have you made any eco swaps or been inspired to do more for your environment? please let me know in the comments - thanks

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