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The women who have impacted my faith

I have been blessed to have strong christian women to help me in my faith journey, so today I thought I would write a little about who they are and what they did!

Jo Goddard - The first person to share her faith with me! I was not raised in a christian household and not been to church. When I first met this lady - I did think she was a bit strange but I loved how openly she talked about her relationship with God. I loved how much she loved her faith and God. Jo started me thinking, she made me ask questions, our friendship grew and my curiosity to know Jesus also grew. She was who God used to begin my journey. I attended an alpha with her and during the course became a christian - my own living relationship with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I am so thankful that I met her, that she shared her faith with me, she encouraged me to attend a church toddler group and then an alpha course. She was so brave, so sure in her faith that she didn't care if I thought she was crazy or deluded. She just said what she thought.

Clare Rabjohns - I met Clare through the church toddler group. She was one of the helpers and also helped run the alpha course. It is with Clare that I stepped forward for prayer, at the first time I attended church. Clare then discipled me. She taught me about the bible, about being a christian. She partnered with me in prayer each week. She taught me so much and modelled christian life so well to me. She embraced my family, invited us into her home and shared her life with us. She is brilliant with children and really helped/understood parenting. She also really understood depression and mental health. She made me feel safe. I was touched by how selfless she is, her kindness and her passion for Jesus. Clare nurtured my faith and taught me christian values through how she lived her life. I am so thankful for her wisdom and for the time she gave me. Clare really helped me to grow as a woman.

Natasha Lacey - Clare started working for the church and due to the nature of church work, we needed new prayer partners. This allowed Clare to pray and share burdens within the church leadership context. I was still a fairly new christian. Clare had suggested Natasha. she was a new christian, who was my age, who was passionate about Jesus. We clicked. We studied, prayed, did life together and grew in mothering and being wives together. We went through lots of hard times together but also shared lots of joy. We were on a level playing field and learned to live out the christian life, helping each other, together. Natasha and her husband were called into church leadership but we remained prayer partners. God then called us to different places (literally) but we are still good friends. There was no pretence, an honest friendship which was fun and easy.

These 3 women really helped encourage and nurture my faith. They have been my pillars, my Titus 2 women. I have met other Titus 2 women along the way but these 3 always stand out to me, in shaping my faith.

The Alpha course has started in our church and I feel its so important to be ready to give an account of the reason why you have faith. Please be brave and share. With new Christians - show them the way, help guide and nurture them. Ongoing Christians - we need church, we need each other for encouragement, accountability, growth - your journey has not ended - keep going!

My husband became a christian 2 years after me, and we do have each other for support in our christian lives but I still need christian friends. Women who have been through or our walking the same paths, christian women who teach me about different aspects of life that I'm not living. These friendships help me to grow, to encourage, to live out my faith. I now have the honour of mentoring another too!

We have not been created to be alone, whether you're an introvert or extrovert - no excuses.

Who has God used to impact your faith? or perhaps you have authors or worship leaders?

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